Brewing Class


Teaching the different varieties of barley, hops and yeast

Lesson about the the different types of beers (Lager, Ale, Hefeweizen, Dark)

Work at the Brew House

Milling; „Gristing the barley malt, that means passing the whole malt grains through the Mill where they are cracked open and ground to a size where the starch can be readily extracted during the mashing process.  

Mashing; In the Mash tun the Malt Grist is mixed with warm brewing water to form the mash.

Lautering; Here the solid material, gain husks, remaining after mashing are separated from the liquid. The emerging liquid called “wort”.

Boiling; The filtered wort get boiled for 70 minutes, hops get added into the wort

Work in the Fermentation and Storage Room

Cooling the hot “wort” to fermentation temperatures 

Cleaning the fermentation vessel or storage tanks with chemicals

Pitching the yeast into the cold “wort” and also harvest the yeast after main fermentation

Work in the Dispensing Room

Transferring the beer from the storage tanks into the holding tanks at the bar

Cleaning the holding tanks and the tapping unit with chemicals

Quality control and tasting of the finished beer


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