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O'zapft is! Citizen Mayor Bryan Woody, Spring Place Taps the First Keg!

O'zapft is!
Tapping of the Keg by Citizen Mayor of the Hospitality Industry, Bryan Woody, General Manager of Spring Place happens at 6 PM. Spring Place is an innovative private membership club in Tribeca serving as home to a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers.

A 15 year hospitality and food and beverage professional in the luxury and lifestyle space, Bryan and his team host a myriad of events shaping contemporary culture from the Tribeca Film Festival, New York Fashion Week and world class restaurant pop ups and residencies.

How many 'taps' on the keg will it take Bryan to get the beer flowing? Guests can partake in the free flow of beer once it's tapped and celebrate Oktoberfest together!

Get your spot at one of our VIP Tables or sign up for 2-hour unlimited beer packages HERE

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 11am-12am, Thur-Sat 11am-1am