How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car 2022

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How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car Easy & Smart Solution 2022

Do you want to know how to install led strip lights in car? Nowadays, people can upgrade old automobile lights into LED lights in a few steps. Also, there is no such mechanical, or technical knowledge is required to install them. Photo credit by: Evil Headlights

or instance, an LED kit is needed and some basic equipment to adjust it in the car. Moreover, they can perform well on low energy without affecting light quality.

Besides this, the light is transparent and unclouded which makes it easy to travel at night and in a haze. Furthermore, they are not affected by heat, and so discoloration does not occur in them.

Also, old cars are equipped with halogen bulbs which become dull with time. Hence makes it hard to travel at night or in a foggy season. So, let’s dig to see how to install LED headlights

How to Make Headlights Brighter

Using LED Headlights

Using LED headlights is a satisfactory option when a person wants to brighten the headlights. Moreover, the majority of outdated halogen bulbs become yellowish which reduces its capacity up to 66%.

Nearly every headlight in automobiles is made up of polycarbonate plastic. Susceptibility of this chemical plastic to UV rays of the sun causes the yellowness. Now, these headlights are further enhanced by using the method of emitting light by imaging.

Specific Headlights

Each particular car needs a specific type of headlights. Especially, because not every headlight goes with the body of the car.

Using Restoration Kits

Some people use repair kits of headlights to clean it and it helps. The dilemma with using the restoration kit is that it does not enhance new cars. Aged vehicles which have become dull with time are cleaned with these kits.

Using HID Bulbs

Occasionally these local bulbs are exalted to HID. HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge, which works 3x fine than ordinary bulbs. Also, these HID bulbs are distributed in three types based on their color.

Similarly, the temperature limit for the yellow color of the HID bulb is 3000k-4300k. While the span for white and purple color is 5000k-6000k and 8000k-12000 respectively.

Using Premium Halogen Bulbs

Another option is adopting halogen headlamps with premium halogen bulbs. Renovating cars need lots of money, and hence premium halogen bulbs are better in comparison.

Cleaning with Toothpaste

Cleaning the headlights with toothpaste is an effortless option at home. Firstly, the toothpaste is applied to the headlight and then rubbed. After brushing it is washed off with water. Light bulbs need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Replacing with the Same Quality of Lights

One of the easiest methods is simply by using the same types of new lights. Companies make spare parts for vehicles to replace them in case of an accident or when they age.

Wiring of the Headlights

Often the problem is with the wiring of the headlights. Sometimes wires that provide electricity to the headlights are damaged or they lose conductivity. Therefore the power that travels from the battery doesn’t reach the light.

Then to solve this issue, new wires are fitted with the headlights and hence it starts working well. Therefore, any damage in filaments can decrease light quality.

Cleaning the Foggy Front Cover

When the plastic of headlights becomes foggy, they can be cleaned with greasy solvents. After cleaning they increase the visibility of the light.

Plus, if the upper plastic of the headlights didn’t clean after this then replace it. Renewing the older front plastic can solve 50% of the problem.

Replacing the Bulb with a New One

The bulb in the headlights can also be replaced with the old tungsten bulb. Moreover, through this technique, the quality of light increases if a bit of the modern system is also added to it.

What is a Projector Headlight: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Projector headlights are an advanced invention in the industry of headlights. Earlier in the 1980s, they inexpensive automobiles were used. Nowadays, they are used in modern automobiles as an update.

Automobile Reflector headlights share resemblances with project headlights. Largely, project headlights are preferred because of their enormous advantages. HIDs are considered as a better option for projector headlights.

LEDs are not supposed to be a better option because they do not fit well in it. Also, they are thought to expire earlier than HID’s. Halogen bulbs also function better than the LEDs in case of projector headlights. 


According to the structure, the bulb is fitted in a bowl-shaped steel cover. Cut-off Shield is used in adjusting the angle of the headlamps.

Similarly, a mirror is used for the process of reflection in front of the bulb. Projector headlamps also have a lens which is used as a magnifying glass. 


Projector headlights do not confuse other drivers by not blinding them. Most of the time sharp lights end up causing accidents on highways. On the contrary, in the projector headlights, the lights are adjusted downward. 

Moreover, the location of these lights allows us to travel at night easily. Plus, it’s Light is even and not fixed at a specific point. HID, LED and halogen bulbs can be used in it.

HID is preferred to LED due to its glorious light. In comparison to halogen bulbs, LED are better. LED light is 300% brighter than a halogen bulb.

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car One by One

  1. First Check bulb type as there are two types of bulbs in general i.e., single beam bulb and double beam bulb.
  2. Now To install LED headlights, a modification kit is available in the market that contains all the essentials.
  3. Further, the Packaging contains LED headlights, ballast for each headlamp, and wiring or filaments to connect them to the car.
  4. Ballast is based on a DC to DC converter, also known as buck converter.
  5. Function of this buck converter is to provide a load of high power to LED.
  6. Purchase the desired lumen rating.
  7. But before installing them turn off the engine and remove the keys from the ignition for security.
  8. Also, Wear insulation gloves in case of any contact with the socket to reduce shock risk.
  9. Afterward, check the brakes of the car so that it won’t cause any damage.
  10. Now open the plastic clip with the help of a flat screwdriver. 
  11. Then use a metal clip to twist the halogen bulb in an anticlockwise direction to remove it.
  12. And Store the halogen bulb so that it can be used in the future.
  13. Moreover, disconnect the wiring from the bulb through a plastic wiring connector.
  14. Now adjust the LED bulb with the headlights.
  15. And twist it clockwise to fix it
  16. But be careful with the socket
  17. Now connect LED ballast filaments with the LED bulb and with the wiring in the car. 
  18. Furthermore, secure the ballast by attaching it to the back of the headlight house and cover it with tape.
  19. Now check the cut-off position so that it will protect other drivers from blinding off
  20. Further, adjust the cut-off with headlights alignment screws. 
  21. Now compare the light of LED headlights with that of the halogen bulbs.
  22. Finally, test drive to check it on the road.

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car


Before installing LED headlights in cars it is important to know if it is legal in your country. Most countries don’t allow the use of LED headlights as they are very bright. Lumen is used as a unit to measure the brightness of them. 


Installation of LED headlights in cars is very easy. Most people do it at home. Firstly, it is important to purchase a LED conversion kit. Secondly, connect the LED to headlights and the car with the help of ballast. Thirdly, secure the ballast and fix the wiring. Lastly, checks its light quality.

Free Space

Moreover, installing LED headlights needs large space because it also has a cooling system, unlike halogen bulbs. Further, these headlights have large circuits which makes it difficult to reach the headlight house. Thus it is important to remove some components to reach the headlight house.


Further, the diodes of these headlights do not need ventilation. But the bulbs produce a large amount of heat which requires ventilation. Hence a small cooling system or fan is important to install to vent out the heat.

Heat Sink

Another issue is the presence of heat in the bottom of the headlights that causes the plastic to melt. Hence, the installation of the heat sink in the right position is also important. Furthermore, this phenomenon needs space to adjust the sink.

Modification and Retrofitting

Modifying the old halogen headlights with LED headlights won’t get enough results. Old cars are designed to throw lights in all directions while LED point lights in one direction.

Size Chart and Adjustment

Finding the right size of an LED bulb is also important as it won’t fix later. Generally, they are divided into the following types which include H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3, and HB4. Notice that H3 can’t be fixed into sockets of H4 and H1 and vice versa. 

Method of Removal: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Remove the halogen bulb by using the method written in the owner’s manual, including the following;

  • Open the plastic hood 
  • Disconnect power connection 
  • Remove rubber cover 
  • Twist anti-clockwise
  • Remove carefully 

Adjusting LED in the Socket

 According to the type of bulb, there comes a circular holder. Also, the function of that adapter is to hold the bulb to adjust it. Simply hold the adapter and bolt spring to install the LED bulb. Now twist the bulb to fix it so it can reach the headlight house.

Space Adjustment

While installing the LED headlights, the hard part is to create an area for the stuff. For instance, there comes a heat sink and fan or cooling system with it. Due to this problem, it is tricky to reinstall the cover which is also guarded by a rubber. 

Thus people cut the cover to use a large hole or use different covers to adjust it. Another issue is fixing the heat sink so that It won’t melt the plastic around it. Make sure the sensitive components are secured before installing the heat sink.


Wiring of the bulbs is a simple procedure. In the same way, it follows a plug and plays phenomenon. Hence if the bulb matches the size of the socket, it just needs connection with the car wiring and that’s set.


Before anything, double-checks the connections of wiring if they are in their proper place. So that heat won’t melt or they won’t get damaged. 

Turn it On

Now check the light quality and brightness if that’s what you wanted. After that go for a ride in the dark to know if it worked. 

What Exactly is LED? How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Semiconductors that create light are known as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Semiconductors are electronic components made of silicon and other materials that allow electrons (electrical current) to flow in a certain direction.

Diodes are “one-way valves” that allow just one path of electricity to flow. They also produce visible light, which is a fascinating property.

The cathode is connected to the ground line, while the anode (positive lead) is connected to a source of positive power. One of the most significant components in electronics is light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

They’ve been there for decades, but only in the last 10-15 years have they become increasingly helpful in our daily life. It applies to illumination in both the house and the car.

LEDs are powered by a semiconductor junction. They are made up of two distinct materials fused together to produce a diode-forming junction or bridge, such as silicon and germanium.

Diodes are critical components in the electronics industry because they act as one-way electrical valves. Microprocessors and a plethora of other modern technical wonders are made possible by this hypothesis, which supports nanoscale transistors.

Although the LED chip (the semiconductor materials themselves) is a vulnerable component, it is protected by a tough and durable epoxy casing. Wires are attached to small components to connect power.

How Do LEDs Make Light?: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Diodes have a remarkable side effect when they transport electricity: they emit light! The hue of the light generated is determined by the materials that were utilized to create it.

Other companies have improved on them over time, and they now make low-cost, beautiful LEDs that produce light in a variety of colors.

LEDs, on the other hand, run on a low voltage, unlike traditional light bulbs (say around 1.5 volts or so each). To keep the amount of current flowing to a minimum, they must be used in combination with a resistor.

Otherwise, they’ll shortly burn out. When LEDs are powered by vehicle voltage, resistors are employed (normally somewhere around 12V).

LEDs VS Light Bulbs and Neon Lights Comparison of How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car 

LEDs provide a number of advantages over incandescent (filament-type) bulbs and neon tubes. Here’s a table that summarizes some of the benefits and drawbacks of the three options.


Power use Low Moderate/high Low
Cost Low Low/medium Medium/high
Voltage Low Low/as required High (special power supply)
Durability Excellent Poor/moderate Poor/moderate
Life expectancy Extremely high (tens of thousands of hours) Low/medium (hundreds of hours) Low/medium (hundreds of hours)
“Soft” glow effect Poor Fair Great

As seen in the table, LEDs offer significant advantages in virtually every relevant area. They are also less costly. It’s not just because they’re durable and have a long useful life (tens of thousands of hours on average), but also because they run at a lower voltage.

One drawback is that they can’t mimic neon tubes’ “soft light,” albeit this is a minor defect in the big scope of things.

They still look beautiful when done well!

What Are Multicolor RGB LEDs and How Do They Work?

RGB LEDs are three distinct colored LED segments fused together in a single tiny package. Colors are formed in a variety of brightness levels to create distinct color combinations, similar to how pictures on a computer monitor or a phone’s liquid crystal display are created (LCD).

On RGB LEDs, there are three connections: one for each color. The three colors are pushed at varying brightness levels, and a custom LED controller is used to create varied color colors.

Of course, simple red, green, and blue hues may be created. The amount of color and brightness changes possible is determined by the controller’s capability.

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car with full Instructions

On RGB LEDs, there are three connections: one for each color. The three colors are pushed at varying brightness levels, and a custom LED controller is used to create varied color colors.

Of course, simple red, green, and blue hues may be created. The amount of color and brightness changes possible is determined by the controller’s capability.

uninstall in a jiffy An LED controller with more modern light strips allows switching on/off with independent wiring for each RGB color.

Several RGB LEDs and resistors are linked in parallel and evenly spaced on a car LED light strip. Each color receives its own on/off signal when the LED driver controller box is switched on.

It allows for a broad range of color and brightness combinations. When an LED is turned on for a long time, it seems brighter to your eyes.

If one hue is turned on more frequently than the others, it will be more noticeable. Most light sets are designed such that each light strip connects to other light strips in a parallel manner.

(A color mix with more blue will appear if blue is switched on more frequently than red, for example.)

Selecting a High-Quality LED Light Strip Set: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car 

It’s critical to invest in a good LED lighting kit. Today’s market has so many options that shopping may be a chore!

  • The buyer response has been great, and customers are happy.
  • To some extent, installer-friendly.
  • There are multicolor modes available.
  • Depending on the sound, change the music mode.
  • Rotation modes for colors (gradient, fast, etc.)
  • changing the luminance.

Your Shopping List, Supplies, and Tools

I recommend preparing a list of everything you’ll need before putting LED lights in your automobile.

Needed Equipment

  • When estimating voltage, a multimeter is preferred over a test light.
  • Tool for crimping connections.
  • Screwdrivers and other tools, for example (as needed for your vehicle).
  • pliers with a wire-cutting capability or wire-cutting pliers.

Before starting your installation, I strongly advise acquiring an economical but delicate multimeter (left), as well as a wire crimp tool and wire crimp connectors, such as this best-selling budget model from Amazon (right). You’ll obtain professional outcomes and it’ll be a lot less difficult!


  • 6″ or equivalent wire (“zip”) linkages (usually sold in a bundle of 100 or more).
  • Wire crimp connectors (small assortment).
  • Rolls of electrical tape.
  • The high-quality, quick-drying adhesive.
  • Fuse tap adapters are available (if wiring from fusebox).

I recommend using a high-quality adhesive like this easy-to-use Gorilla super glue gel for putting car lights on flat (or other material) surfaces.

To keep your installation wiring clean, use some tiny wire ties like these, or use them to hang lights on cables or other nearby items.

I strongly advise obtaining a pack of wire ties, even if it doesn’t appear to be necessary right now. They’re great for tying wires together and keeping them neat.

LED Light Strip Wiring Diagram

You’ll need to hardwire the set to an adaptor wire to get a +12V supply that turns on and off with the ignition. An appropriate wire may generally be found in one of the following places:

  • In the vehicle, behind the stereo (usually the first option).
  • The cigarette lighter plug’s wiring.
  • The fusebox is housed in the body of the car.

Fuse the Fusebox and Remove the Fuses of How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car 

The fusebox in your automobile, which delivers power to the radio and LED kit, is usually located in one of many locations. (As shown in the illustration above) Near the brake pedal or under a dash panel on the lower driver’s side.

The owner’s handbook is generally where you may see fuse markings. Connecting to a power supply through the fusebox is another option.

It’s usually found on the left side of the dashboard, in the interior’s bottom left corner, or beneath a dashboard panel. You can usually utilize the radio’s power supply in most automobiles.

Connecting LED lights to a power circuit is straightforward using fusebox wiring adapters. After replacing the old fuse with the new one, you connect the power cable. If you’re going to tap into the fuse box, you need to buy a fuse wiring adaptor.

If you don’t have a copy of the owner’s manual, you can use a test meter to check fuse power with the ignition on and off before discovering a functional fuse.

Then, using a fuse tap adapter or alternative connector, attach the LED power cable.

Putting the Wire Together

You’ll need to complete the following when you’ve discovered a sufficient power source:

  • Connect the cables that regulate the LEDs.
  • The ground is connected to the negative power wire.

How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

The cable length is limited in many light sets (such as the one I’m using here) since the light strips are permanently connected to the control box. Most classic setups, on the other hand, should suffice.

The lengths of my front and back were 48′′ (122 cm) and 58′′, respectively (147 cm). Each front and back pair is about 4 ft (1.22 m) and 5.6 ft (1.7 m) in length, respectively.

Locations of Interior Light Strips

Traditional LED light strip locations in a car interior are depicted in this diagram. The front two can be found under the dashboard and on the front or back of the seats, respectively. Use longer cords with light strips in most circumstances.

Assuming you have four light strips (as most setups do), mount them as follows:

  • Front left and right: facing down, behind the dashboard.
  • Left and right, under/on the front/back borders of the front seats.

Before permanently installing them, you may give them a quick test by putting them in place using excellent quality tape.

The Controller’s Location of How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car 

For individuals who have remote control and a sound sensor, the LED light set controller must be reachable from the remote and put in a location where it can properly detect sound.

Install it on one of the dashboard’s center console sides, where the Controller will hide it. The driver’s side is unquestionably the most secure.

LED controllers with a remote control frequently employ infrared receiver (IR) sensors. This necessitates a clear line of sight to the sensor on the control box.

Versions also have an internal sound sensor. The control box must be placed in such a way that it is not totally covered and that the remote may operate it in both situations.

The Light Strips and Wires are Being Installed

Although most automotive LED light strips come with self-adhesive tape on the back, this isn’t always feasible. The glue disintegrates after repeated sessions of heat exposure, vibration, and being kicked by feet in a car.

As a result, I recommend that you use the two ways I mentioned earlier:

  • Use high-quality glue to adhere to the under-dash plastic panels.
  • Wire links are used to connect light strips to car wiring bundles or dashboard mounts.

Using Gorilla Glue or similar high-quality gel superglue is an excellent choice. Each light strip will only require a few little drips, despite the fact that it looks to be permanent (about 4 to 5).

While gel glue dries quickly, it is highly strong and easy to apply. Clean any surfaces with alcohol using a cloth, an alcohol pad, or an appropriate surface cleaner before you begin.

Silicon and other protective substances, such as Armor Everything, leave a residue on the surface that hinders glue from adhering correctly.

Wire ties are similarly easy to use and may be used in a variety of creative ways. Almost any surrounding item or hole may sustain a light strip.

Seats with LED Strips Attached

You may do the same with the seats after you’ve put the light strips under the dash. You may use genuine Velcro instead of a permanent adhesive if you don’t want to use a permanent adhesive.

The adhesive quality of generic Velcro is poor, and it will not last long. Use wire ties on the seat frame if they’re open. Wire links are useful, but they may also be easily cut and removed.

LED Lighting for Amplifier Racks

Face your amplifiers and arrange them in a circle around them (for as many sides as you want or make sense for your system). It’ll offer you a fantastic look that you’ll be happy to show off.

In reality, a simple relay connected to the remote wire and powered by the amp +12V and ground connections may be used to switch them on with your smartphone.

How Many Lumens are Headlights

Likewise, the ordinary bulbs the power of headlight bulbs is also measured. Depending on the model of the vehicle power of these lights varies.


Lumen is the amount of light moving outward through one steradian. Steradian is the unit of solid angle. Lumens are considered as the unit of the brightness of the headlights. Practically, they represent the output of light or how bright the light is.

People consider lumen rating while purchasing headlights. Mainly, it shows the amount of light and glare that is emitted.

Difference Between Lumens and Kelvin: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Besides what is mentioned above the lumen represents the output of light. However, it should not be confused with kelvin. Kelvin represents the color temperature of the light. On the contrary, lumens represent the brightness and light output of the bulb. 

Mostly bulbs that have a low k value produce high yellowish light. On the other hand, a bulb with a high k-value will produce light similar to sunlight. For instance, halogen bulbs are rated as 3200k, 4000k, or 5000k.

Thus, it is proved that those bulbs whose color temperature is 5000k will shine brighter than the others and vice versa. Hence higher the k value whiter and crystal clear will be the light.

But as the color temperature of the headlights rises it changes the color of light from white to bluish. HID are considered as the bulbs with a higher color temperature.  Halogen bulbs that promise to provide a colour temperature of 6000k are just marketing strategies. 

How Many Lumens are in Halogen Bulbs: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Mostly factory halogen bulbs emit light of 700k lumens in a low beam. On the other hand, they emit 1200k when in a high beam. Furthermore, halogen bulbs are divided into types. Some of them are designed according to high beam or low beam. 

For example, automobiles with quad headlights are designed for high beam emitting light of 1600 to 1700 lumens. In comparison to the LED and HID, halogen bulbs provide low output. On the whole, they last longer, are affordable, and work well for normal driving. 

How Many Lumens are in HID Bulbs: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Lumen usually measure the luminous flux. HID headlights are also known as Xenon headlights. Besides the fact that HID bulbs consume a low amount of energy, it emits brighter light. Nowadays, HID bulbs are highly appreciated by technophiles.

Even an ordinary HID bulb emits 3000 lumens which are 3x higher than the halogen bulb. Further, there is a specific rate on every kit of HID bulbs. For example, 50 lumens per watt will provide 5000 lumens. 

Hence 40 lumens per watt will provide 3200 lumens of light. Plus, the 30 lumens per watt will provide 2300 lumens of light and vice versa. People purchase HID kits according to the rating that they need. 

Therefore, HID stands separate as a bright light because of providing high lumens.

How Many Lumens are in LED Headlights: How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Led headlights depend on different factors in terms of lumens. The average range of lumens is 2000-3000 for normal headlights. However, in LED headlights, the number of LEDs is counted in each bulb.

Similarly, it also depends on the wattage of bulbs. For instance, 1watt emit light of 130 lumens. So if a bulb is fitted with a diode of 13 watts it will emit light of 1690.

Purchasing the aftermarket LED headlights is tricky as they are very highly rated. In short, it is not Important to buy it at face value.

Conclusion of How to Install Led Strip Lights in Car

Lastly, it’s clear that LED and HID headlights are more expensive than halogen bulbs. HID or xenon bulbs provide bright light in low power while LED bulbs do the same with some difference in lumens rate. 

Moreover, these headlights will consume money but it is a necessary step for security to avoid accidents at night. Besides, these headlights also look glare and improve the view of a vehicle.

Plus, the advanced technology has improved the quality of lights in cars. Furthermore, it is important to understand how to install led strip lights in car to get the desire results.

However, the purpose of installing headlights must not be blinding other drivers. While, it should only to increase light towards the road. As many people use lights that blind the upcoming car and end up causing accidents.

Mostly young teenagers do it for fun and are not aware of the actual pros and cons. Thus everything must be kept in mind before modifying cars.

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