How to Make a Laser Gun

How to Make a Laser Gun with a Complete Guide 2021

Back in the 90s, did you get excited enough for laser guns? And, wanted to know how to make a laser gun? Do you know when and where was the first laser developed? The first laser was set at California’s Hughes Researches laboratories in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman.  

Laser stands for (Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation). It is an acronym that was started using so commonly that it has been started written as normal words.

Lasers are powerful enough, and we can see them as traditional weapons like missiles. There are different types of laser guns used in ray guns, laser tag, and light gun.

Lasers pointers can be used in a battlefield for targeting enemies. If you are interested in how does laser pointer works? Its speed and its power, you can keep on reading the article to get yourself covered.

How to Make a Laser Pointer

Do you know what a laser pointer is? And why was it invented? Before the 90s, people used a special stick to point out the specific area. As when electricity was introduced and invented, they start using a torch.

And in 1960, the first laser pointer was invented; it weighs about 10 pounds. Now, a laser pointer is a small compact device that is easy to carry.

To make a laser pointer, we need some raw materials to start with. Here is the list of materials used in making laser pointer: 

  • Laser diode
  • Wire 
  • Batteries
  • Push-button
  • Spring 
  • Case ( plastic tube)

The design of pointers depends upon requirements, but most of them are designed in a pen’s shape. Moreover, the length of the shortest laser pointer is not more than 2 inches.

Pen shaped laser pointer can hold AAA batteries and can give more backup than usual. 

While Assembling the Materials, You Have to Follow These Steps

  • Take a case (plastic tube) and make a hole in one end to fix the diode there.
  • For the second step, cut a groove in a tube to make space for the wire.
  • Sold the loose wire on the one pin of a push button.
  • After that, attach the diode’s negative wire to the other pin of a push button
  • Attach spring to the positive wire of the diode.
  • Now, it’s time to assemble things properly in the tube. 
  • Add batteries in the tube; remember to put positive charge up. 
  • Insert the diode and push-button attached to spring inside the tube.
  • Tuck the left side of the wire to the negative charge of the battery.
  • You are good to go with your portable laser pointer. 

The laser pointer is ready and can be used in different places, such as a presentation. A red diode is most commonly used in laser pointers, but you can go with your choice colors.

Before doing usual activities with laser pointers, try remembering the rules of your state. You may be prosecuted for having laser pointer.

We Have Another Way of Making a Laser Pointer at Home

Raw materials

you will need a laser diode and a disk burner. 

Step #1

Hole drilling: take a diode casing and drill two holes, one for the button. Other for the laser, drilled on the side of the casing.  

Step #2

Insert material: check if your diode comes with the casing. If the casing can meet your needs, that is good. If not, then insert a new casing meeting your necessities.

Step #3

Power source: to provide a power source, insert the battery to your diode. 

Step #4

Connection: after attaching the battery, connect your laser to the diode. This can be done by using a soldering iron.

Step #5

Demo: check your laser pointer if it is working or not. If it is working, you are succeeded. If not, you can charge batteries.

The laser pointer is useful; the compact gadget can be carried to different places.

How to Make a Laser Gun More Powerful

Laser pointers are different from other lights. The laser emits the light, which is coherent. This allows the pointer to focus on the spot. A phenomenon uses to increase the application such as laser cutting, lithography.

Spatial coherence makes a laser pointer to stay focused on a distance. Laser pointers of different colors are available such as red, blue, green, orange, etc.

Laser pointer with green diode performs well among all other colors. The human eye can detect green light visibly than any other in the dark.

The green light has a higher wavelength and intensity among the spectrums of light. Therefore, due to these reasons, the green light is visible in dark and foggy areas.

Although 5mW green laser also gives results, it can modify its power to make it more powerful. A higher power has the ability to blinding human beings.

It would help if you took precautions and safety gear before increasing its capacity. Many countries have strict laws regarding the limited power of the laser beam for safety purposes.

To Increase The Power of Green Laser Point Steps are Given Below

  • To start, you must have an equipment kit to help you out.
  • Unscrew the lower cap of the tube and take off batteries. 
  • On unscrewing, you will find a green diode; remove it.
  • After removing the green diode, you can see a round green laser crystal.
  • Takeoff and heat that crystal to mold it in an oval shape.
  • Place diode, crystal, batteries, and cap on their places. You will see a noticeable change in the output of the beam.

Subsequently, you can take out diode easily from cheap pointers. It could be difficult to do the same from expensive and quality pointers. In this case, you can take help from experts or manufacturer.

Modifying intensity includes the process of heating, and it is advisable to take safety precautions. The modification process of the Green laser pointer is easier than the red one.

However, it should be followed properly or else results in permanent damage to the pointer functioning. To avoid all these issues, you are advised to get this task done by any professional.

Or else people can also buy new high-quality laser pointer to get rid of these hassles.

Or You Can Try This One: 

  • Take your old green laser pointer.
  • Remove the cap and detach the wiring. 
  • Be careful! Of not losing any screw. 
  • Take out the old module and place it with all new things. Sometime circuitry may get weak. 
  • Put the things back into the pointer. Attach wiring and make sure not to increase power outsource. 

Power outraging may result in harmful effects such as blindness. Due to this reason, the Government has strictly prohibited high power lasers. 

How to Make a Laser Gun

Laser guns were designed by Kratos defense & security solution and used by the US navy for the first time for LaWS (US Navy Laser Weapon System). Chinese researchers are claiming to produce a laser rifle.

A portable laser rifle cannot kill but can ignite the fire to cloth, skin, etc. There are different types of laser guns, according to their field of use. Such as, ray guns are used for fictional use.

In this article, you will get to know about how laser guns are made. Guns and laser together always excites every one because of science fiction. Laser guns are not commonly used due to its devastating results.

In many countries, a license is required to have to use a high power laser gun. Regarding all these strictness, fiction freaks use to experiment by using their household and keep on trying new designs of laser guns. 

Starting with the Materials Used in Making Laser Gun: How to Make a Laser Gun

  • Glue gun
  • PVC pipe.
  • PVC end caps.
  • Toy car wheels
  • Handle (any sort of use to make gun’s handle.)
  • Rivet
  • Riveters 
  • Nut and bolts
  • Hardware
  • Good quality sticking glue.

Starting with the Process

  • Take a PVC pipe and cutting it around 6-7 inches.
  • Drill a small hole in the PVC pipe.
  • Attach the handle securely with the help of long screws to the pipe. 
  • Attach the PVC endcap to one end of the pipe. 
  • Take a metal strip, and drill in between PVC pipe. 
  • Attach laser on that strip.
  • Secure metal strip with rivets. 
  • For the trigger guard of the gun, I used a toy car wheel.
  • Measure it to give the shape of the trigger guard to hold the gun.
  • To make it look creative and realistic, take two rivets.
  • Drill two holes in the center of the handle. And hook up rivets.
  • If it feels a little improper or out of shape. Use glue, let it dry, and make it smooth using sandpaper.
  • Assemble things. Smoothen out any rough area.
  • When satisfied, pain that of your choice. 

You are good to go with your self-made laser gun. If you use high power laser light for your gun, try following precautions before using it directly on any human or in the sky. 

The laser has many harmful effects, may it be laser gun or pointer. According to USFDA, the laser can cause eye injury in severe cases blindness. Ensure that you do not bring it in contact with the human eye or skin.

Wear protective gear before working with the laser. It can easily penetrate our skin and cause severe damage to the body.  

What is the Power of one Laser Pulse

Do you know what peak power of laser pulse is? If no, then you can read it below. The laser’s peak power is the maximum power of the laser, which can be attained at the time of optical illusion.

We can determine the peak capacity by the energy of the pulse or the width of a short pulse. Between pulses, the laser does not emit energy.

This is called pulse duration. Pulse duration is the time that is measured across the pulse width. Pulsed lasers are not counted in continuous waves; they emit light waves in the form of a flashlight.

The pulsed laser has played its vital role in modern optical physics. This formula can calculate the power of one laser pulse. 


P=10^-3/16×10^-9 = 6.25×10^4W =62.5KW

Pulse energy is formulated with the above-given formula. Sometimes, to establish these goals, we have to reduce the pulse rate to get the desired results. 

Q –switching is used to produce short possible duration pulses. The non–linear optical effect can be made by peak pulse energy. A new laser oscillator is known as DFC (distributed Face Cooling) been invented.

It can be combined with a battery-powered power supply, which can be used in health care, analysis, and measurements.

How to Make a Laser Gun Stronger

According to the resources, the Green laser is the most powerful in terms of visual strength. Laser pointers are commonplace because they are cheap and under government control

Do you know you can make your laser pointer stronger? Here’s how you can do it. Various methods can do it. Follow these steps to make your laser pointer strong to make it burns tings, just like in movies.

  • Deliver more current to the laser pointer and increase its power supply.
  • Improve its circuitry to improve the output it gives.
  • Used two polished mirrors. One should be reflective so the beam can pass with high energy.
  • Try increasing the voltage and limiting the resistor. 

Some Other Ways to Work with

  • Taking 5mW laser pointer.
  • Remove the cap, and you will find underneath a potentiometer used to adjust the laser pointer.
  • With the help of a small screwdriver, you can take turns to that pointer.
  • With every turn, you can notice the increment in the brightness of the laser.  
  • You test the laser by pointing it towards something. It will ignite things in a matter of seconds.

ALERT! By making your laser pointer stronger and modified, take precautions as well. Because, with the increase in intensity, the risk of eye and skin injury increases.

Besides, illegal and high power laser pointers are available, which can risk many lives without precautions.

Laser pointers for drawing focus around the area. But, they are now available as toys. But they used to work as a beam emitting colorful light; it could be red, blue, or green.

Green laser pointer works as the basic laser pointers. Instead of red or blue, there is a green laser beam. Beam allows the pointer to focus on the object more clearly and actively. 

How Far Can a Laser Go

A laser is an emitting ray used for many works. Some of us use it as a pointer for our presentation. Many of us asked this question once to ourselves. Or simply point the laser toward the sky to check its endpoint. So, it’s hard to guess.

As it Depends on Various Factors Such As

To determine the power of the laser you have. The power of the laser will be directly proportional to the distance it covers. Most of the lasers on the market are of 5mW.

This much less powerful laser has a pilot in the sky. A laser is the type of light; the light follows a straight line until it diverges.

As same as the powerful laser can reach the moon until it diverges. Many times the distance covered by the laser also depends on its color.

A green laser will travel faster and cover more distance than a red or blue laser. Some of the time, it depends on its power. 5mW laser will not go as far as 800mW can go. The laser has its hazards as well.

People can point lasers at the sky for fun purposes and can cause damage to various satellites. Many times people ask can we see the red laser on the moon.

So, yes, 5mW red laser pointer can reach the moon surface. The atmosphere absorbs most of the beam by which the beam of light disappears.

Conclusion of How to Make a Laser Gun

Laser pointers and laser guns are playing their part in every field. Science and technology are advancing with the help of a laser. People have been practicing how to make a laser gun in their ways and using them in their lives.

Regardless of its importance, laser and laser guns are highly dangerous. Rays emitting from these gadgets can cause severe issues to the body.

Using high power laser gun without permission from the government office can trap you in prosecution. Lasers are also introduced to the battlefield but under the legal limits.

Different researchers are working on this technology to make it more useful in different fields. Doctors have clearly warned about this technology’s hazards, and one should work according to those guidelines.

It will help you with saving yours and others’ lives as well. Try not to use laser guns in public areas or avoid pointing it on the sky. According to the research, a red laser beam is the biggest pet peeve of pilots in the sky.`

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