10 Best Monster Nomad Review & Guide 2021

This Monster Nomad review will show you why you need to have a Bluetooth speaker for your use. A lot of people use their phones to play sounds.

The major using your phone speaker is that most phone speakers aren’t loud enough and do not produce the kind of bass you may desire. 

Hence, Bluetooth speaker are becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Such speaker come in different sizes and shapes and they allow you to be mobile without compromising quality or volume.

A Comparison Table of Monster Nomad Speaker Review

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Regardless of whether you prefer your music indoors or outdoors, Bluetooth speaker are a great inclusion to any audio setting.

Many of these speakers come with several unique features that make them a must get. Also, although people can stream music from their phones, there are still persons who love listening to Radio programs.

Best Monster Nomad Review

Several Bluetooth speaker come with an in-built FM radio. Choosing wisely will ensure that you get premium quality speakers with good sound and great batteries.

This review will show you what you need to know before stepping out to buy your next speaker.

Monster-Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


For commutes always on-the-go, the Monster Nomad is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that should be a constant companion.

This speaker has features such as long battery life, high-power sound as well as a compact build which means it can fit into your backpack.

Nomad speaker are for the indoors and outdoors, under the sun or in the rain. The speaker come with function and form and will make life easier for you.

The Speaker is a Speaker which enables you to receive and stream audio signal from distances up to 33′ apart. It comes equipped with 2′ tweeter and 5.25′ driver which gives it its unique 30W of audio power.

In a situation where there is no Bluetooth device close by, the Unique Monster Nomad comes with an in-built 3.5mm aux port. This port enables you to connect other Bluetooth enabled devices 

This device also comes along with a different input which enables you to connect a guitar or mic with the adapter. The Monster nomad also comes equipped with an FM tuner.

This FM tuner is for those who may want to tune in to the radio. The monster Nomad is for both Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker and indoor use. The device features an IPX4 water resistance rating.

Hence you do not have to bother about damages due to splashes or spills. The Nomad has thirty hours of battery’s life, making it the ideal companion for nomadic persons.

Another unique feature of this device is that it comes with a USB port for charging and connecting compatible devices. The quality of sound which the Nomad produces is crystal clear and crisp.

The bass performance is also impressive and it does not switch to the mid-range frequencies when used. Users are also able to adjust their equalizer settings because the device is responsive to EQ changes.

When tuned to the highest volume, it is very powerful and can serve large gatherings and parties. When tested with different musical genres, the sound produced was excellent.

The Nomad speaker is especially good for hip-hop and rock songs and there is little or no distortion when the volume gets increased to the highest levels. This speaker is in a modern and styles sleek build and has a handle which makes it portable.

Highlighted Features

  1. 30W Audio Power
  2. Aux-in Jack
  3. NFC and advance Bluetooth Technology
  4. 30 hours of battery life
  5. Comes with a transmission range of 33′
  6. FM Tuner
  7. Charging port
  8. Guitar/Mic input


  • It is water-resistant and quite durable
  • It comes with a mic or guitar input jack which makes sure that it performs better than others in the market
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Its 30W speaker mean you will enjoy the experience
  • The battery is long-lasting and as such, you can carry it outdoors
  • It is chargeable 

Buying Considerations of Monster Nomad Speaker Review

With different options out there in the market, it can be challenging finding the speaker that bests suits your needs. Before you decide on which one to buy, you have to know what you need.

This guide will help show you the core criteria to consider before you buy a portable Bluetooth speakers. Some speaker are durable, while others are water and weatherproof making them suitable for outdoor activities.

Some other speaker are for the outdoors and instead serve better in the living room. If you are finding it hard to choose the perfects speaker for you, begin by imagining how and where you intend using it and go for a speaker that meets the criteria.

This means that if you are the type that likes to sunbathe at the beach, you need dust and water-proof speaker. For those who like to party, they should be able to link a speaker having multiple sharing function pairing or two speaker at the same times.

Other factors to consider when choosing a speaker include design and quality. Here is a breakdown of things to consider before you buy a speaker.

Looks The looks of a speaker are not the most important thing to consider before you buy, but it is something you shouldn’t ignore. If the speaker is quality enough, it should last you a while.

What this means is that it serves for sports games, family functions, and other activities. Go for an appealing speaker. When buying a speaker, go for one that has your color of choice, size of choice, and weight of choice. 


Always handle your speaker with care. No matter how careful we are, accidents do happen sometimes this is why you need a speaker that can weather accidents and some wear and tear. Also, look out for speaker that are water/shock resistant as they last longer. 


Portability is another important thing to consider before you buy a speaker. What do you want to use the speaker for? Do you intend to use it for the outdoors for picnics and parties?

Do you need it for playing music on your phone? Bluetooth speaker come in different shapes and sizes; hence, always have what you need it for in mind before buying.

Sound Quality

Are you looking for a speaker that comes with outstanding audio quality or looking for something portable? If you are an audio quality freak, you should understand the importance of purchasing top audio quality.

If you are not an audio freak but want quality for your speaker, always look out for the frequency response. This frequency response indicates the quality of powerful sound reproduction that the speaker possesses.

A speaker with a wide frequency response range will produce a range of sounds. Some of the frequency specs will state the range of the decibel also.

The decibel range shows the volume difference of the speaker when compared with the original audio.


Your intent for purchasing a speaker will determine the type of speaker you are to go for. Do you want to use the speaker for the outdoors at a party or for background sound?

If what you want is loud music volume, you will need a higher output. You have to check the power which the speaker offer when considering them.

Battery, Price, and Functions

Before you buy any speakers such as the one in this Monster Bluetooth Speaker, you have to consider the batter life. An in-built rechargeable battery’s is a perfect choice in this regard.

Also, ensure you go for a speaker that is versatile in function. A speaker that comes with an FM and alarm function is ideal. The price will be the major deciding factor upon concluding on what you want.

While considering cost, do not forgo of quality, but the cost should be moderate.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are used to instructing your speaker what you want it to play against going through your Smartphone.

Before now, Voice assistants were only available in devices that had Google Assistant and Alexa, but this is gradually changing.

These voice assistants are finding more applications for more than just playing music. You can ask for things such as weather reports, language translations, and even sports scores.

Voice assistants need Wi-Fi and they need to have features such as voice recognition and other necessary processes to function effectively.

Ability to Play Sounds From Non-Bluetooth Sources

It would be convenient to be able to use a speaker to also play sounds from sources that are not Bluetooth.

Most speaker out there in the market come with an AUX port which you may use to connect devices such as desktop computers, iPods, and CD players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Monster Bluetooth Speaker

Q. Can I use my iPhone with different Bluetooth speakers at the same time?

A. Yes, you can use your iPhone for this purpose if you are using version 11.4 and above. To do this, you have to use the home pod stereo feature.

Doing this will make your iPhone pair with the home pods. You can also use it with Bluetooth speaker brands such as Monster Nomad, even though it can be a bit selective.

Q. How can I connect two Bluetooth Speakers?

A. Certain brands of Bluetooth speaker come with dedicated applications that helps you to connect to other Bluetooth. Faster Bluetooth connection speaker is easy as all you need is a 3.55mm splitter and a Bluetooth receiver.

Connect the receiver to the splitter and use the cords to get the aux jacks of the speaker connected to the speaker.

Q. How can I play Spotify using my Monster Nomad?

A. To do this, turn on your Bluetooth and enable it to search for the speaker. The moment this gets discovered, choose the pairing option and your device will connect to the speaker

Q. Can I play a Bluetooth speaker and Alexa at the same time?

A. You can do this if you are using an Android version of 5.0 and above. If you are using an Apple device, an iOS of 9.0 and above should also suffice. To get the pairing done, request Alexa to pair the speaker using voice command.

If the voice command doesn’t work, you can add your device using the Alexa application.

Q. How can I connect Bluetooth speakers to Alexa?

A. If you want to connect a Bluetooth speaker and Alexa, you have to be sure of the compatibility of Alexa with the Bluetooth earbuds speakers. This information is always contained inside the manual of the device.

If the speaker and Alexa are compatible, you may use the speaker’s app to connect them. If they are not compatible, you may have to use Amazon Echo.

Q. Why should I buy a Bluetooth speaker that comes with an FM RADIO?

A. Purchasing a Bluetooth speaker that comes with an FM radio has its benefits. Such devices will help keep you entertained with music and talk shows. Many of them, such as the Monster Nomad speaker is quite affordable and portable. 

Q. Does the Monster Nomad have AM RADIO?

A. Yes it comes with AM and FM radio

Q. Do I need to buy an antenna to use the radio function?

A. No, you do not, the Nomad comes with radio stations.

Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Keep Beeping

A beeping sound can spoil one’s joy. Try to turn off the device and turn it on. There are designed beeping sounds in Bluetooth devices once connected or disconnected or have a low battery issue. Moreover, a beeping sound indicates a hardware issue.

Try to find out whether there is only a problem listening through a speaker or a headset. If still, the “beeping” sound continues in a headset, check if it is the laptop.

Otherwise, if the only speaker is beeping, it may be because the speaker has a hardware break. There can be a pressed key that might be causing a beeping sound, or one might be having a call dropped.

Furthermore, a beeping sound can also be an indication that a speaker is getting connected to a Bluetooth device.

How Long Does a Monster Last

They usually have designed these speakers to last up to 10-20 hours once they get fully charged. Also, a company claims a built-in power bank. Someone can quickly assess their mobile phone by plugging it into this speaker while it is functioning.

As you know, these monsters are easy to connect with. Also, this can all keep on going without further need for charging it. A one-time charge will go a long way.

Often when one keeps on changing the speaker’s volume, the battery gets affected. Low volume or high volume will effect the battery, and a JBL app will determine battery status.

How to Charge a Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger

Our world is getting squeezed. Everybody carries a smartphone loaded with music. Music on the go excites and doubles the fun of a journey. In case one wants to share music with their loved one or want to dedicate a song to someone, they need portable speakers.

As JBL speakers are relaxed and fun in shape, they can easily fit in a laptop bag or hand purse. What if one forgets to keep a charger? We have a solution for such problems.

Charge it with a Laptop

A laptop has more than two USB ports. Someone can use a small USB charging cable to charge a speaker. Plug it into the laptop and another side of it to a speaker, and voila, one will see a red light charging.

Power Bank for Your Speaker

Furthermore, one can get one quickly through online shopping, an easy and cheap way to avoid a messy charging device.

Wireless Charging Option

Learn a Bluetooth model of a JBL speaker and find a compatible wireless charging device for a speaker. Because until one doesn’t know about a model, he won’t be able to solve this problem.

But first, make sure that the speaker can support wireless charging.

Replace Your Battery

However, if people do not have time for all above-discussed hustles, can go to a market and shop new battery. Still, if he thinks that his battery is not charging correctly despite making all necessary efforts, grab a new one.

In this situation, buying a new battery is his only option left now.


Bluetooth speakers are in different sizes, shapes, and prices. Regardless of whether you are an indoor or homely kind of person, a party lover, or a quiet type, there is a speaker for you. 

Some of these devices come with advanced features and are portable. The speaker also come with features such as louder sound, digital technologies, and are easy to operate.

Purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is a decision that requires exposure to information. The information you need includes cost, function, size, durability, and sound.

This Monster Nomad review should help you make a qualitative decision in this regard. Monster Nomad speaker come with these features and more.

They represent the perfect choice for people who want something portable, cute, and affordable while experiencing the unique sound quality associated with the device.

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