The Country’s Freshest Paulaner Pour Returns to the Lower East Side

At this newly renovated brewpub, the beer isn’t kegged and stored. Instead, it’s served from a row of steel bright tanks filled following fermentation and connected directly to each tap.

As Germany defeated Argentina to win the World Cup, elation gushed throughout New York City — and especially at Paulaner on the Lower East Side. When Mario Götze’s left-footed kick scored in the 113th minute, the game’s only goal, “We went into the streets and sang,” says German Andreas Heidenreich. “Probably about 70 percent of the crowd spoke German. People were hugging and celebrating. It felt like home.”

Heidenreich is brewmaster of Paulaner, the newest brewpub from the titular beermaker in Germany. He is a native of Ebersberg, a rural town roughly 20 miles from the brewery’s home and universe’s beer capital: Munich. Paulaner has a strong national presence as the country’s eighth best-selling brand and one of only six that annually pour at Oktoberfest. It also “reps” internationally with ubiquitous distribution — especially Hefeweizen, one of my favorites of the style — and operation of 28 brewpubs (a combination of brewery and restaurant making and selling beer on-premise) in seven countries.

Nataleigh Colleen

New York, New York, USA

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 11am-12am, Thur-Sat 11am-1am