Best Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed Review

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Top 10 Best Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed Review & Problem & Solution

What could be more aggravating than a breakdown on the highway? And, now that I think about it, this circumstance may be rather annoying. Every car owner want to know the state of their vehicle at all times, and this is now feasible with an obd2 scanner! To ensure your pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of the best Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed.

We realize how difficult it is for you to have to bring your car to the mechanic for maintenance every week.

The fact is that you suffer because of what you don’t understand! Surprisingly, every piece of equipment’s lifetime is determined by the user’s “knowledge base.”

All you need is an obd2 scanner to find out what’s going on behind the scenes of your vehicle.

Comparison Table of Best Obd2 Scanner with Abs and Srs

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So, you might be wondering, how do I know which scan tool is the best and how do I make the best decision? Relax and take a deep breath. We’re on a mission to make sure you’re happy.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest obd2 scanners available, as well as their features.

Let’s have a look at them!

How Do You Pick the Finest OBD2 Scanner for ABS/Airbags?

Leading Brands

There are a lot of firms that make diagnostic equipment, but you don’t want to pick the first one you come across. When you choose a scanner from a well-known brand, you can rest assured that it will be both sturdy and accurate.

Here are our top three recommendations for both professionals and homeowners.


This Chinese firm, founded in 1992, has decades of expertise delivering excellent customer service and dependable car repair equipment.

Their instruments are utilized in over 60 nations across the world and are developed for broad compatibility as well as customer value.

Because of its reputation for delivering outstanding assistance, launch tools are an ideal choice for home mechanics.

Their products are also simple to use and available in a variety of features and pricing ranges, ranging from basic code readers to complete professional scanners.

What is An SRS Scanner, Exactly?

The Safety Restraint System (SRS) scanner is a piece of diagnostic scan equipment that scans codes from the SRS. The system refers to the control module, impact sensors, and airbag system.

You can scan problems with your SRS system, such as when the light lights, using the best obd2 scanner with abs and srs features.

The light itself indicates that there are difficulties with your airbag system. However, an SRS scanner assists you in locating the underlying faults and recommending appropriate options for resolving them.

Some SRS scan programs provide both code reading and cleaning capabilities.

What Exactly is ABS? (ABS) (Anti-Lock Brake System)

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is an electrical braking system that has become a standard automotive safety feature.

When you brake, the braking system uses electronics as a controller to protect your wheel from locking up and the controller alternately operates the valves and releases brake fluid until your car comes to a full stop.

ABS is a critical safety component since it helps the driver to manage to steer while braking, especially in low-grip or abrupt conditions.

Drivers can prevent or lessen the risks of mishaps caused by locked wheels in this manner. ABS is now standard equipment on the majority of automobiles.

How to Decipher GM Abs Codes

To begin, connect the obd2 scanner with abs and srs to your car by inserting the OBD2 connection into the OBD2 port located in your dashboard, normally on the side of your driving position.

You may start your car and run the abs diagnostic tool once everything is properly connected and the scanner would read the ABS codes, and certain devices would even execute the bleed operation.

10 Best Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed Review

When you link it to a PC, mobile device or just print it, you may examine the data on the built-in or enlarged screen. You must, however, utilize a scanner that is 100% compatible with your VIN.

01. Bafx Mobile Bluetooth obd2 Scanner

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Bbd2 Scanner


Everyone wants to get to their destination with peace and no ache and it can be so annoying while driving and then you see that blinking orange light which notifies you of a problem in your car.

You don’t want to worsen the mechanical issue either do you want an accident. You know what? Mobile Bluetooth obd2 scanner is the solution and with this tool, you can with ease diagnose and resolve your vehicle problem. 

It features a strong Bluetooth connectivity suitable for ios and android devices and using any OB Dii app, you can run this tool even with your phone. 

Broad Car Models Compatibility

Arguably, you should go for this obd2 scanner and other than other products and it can work with a vast range of car models. 

Diagnostic Sensor Monitoring

Often time, most of the vehicle breakdown occurs due to little mechanical issues and with this obd2 scanner, you can check your vehicle; O2 readings, fuel pressure, engine light, and a lot more.

You can save up for other things rather than spending on mechanical problems. Mobile Bluetooth obd2 scanner quickly checks through and analyze your vehicle problem.

Vast App compatibility

You find it so convenient to work with things of your choice. With this obd2 scanner, you have the advantage to limitless 3rd party apps. From OBD Fusion to Torque Pro & Lite and a lot more.


  • Quick diagnosis and analysis
  • Android devices are compatible
  • Adaptable with consumer vehicles
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity


  • Incompatible with ios devices

02. INNOVA 3160RS Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed with Live Data


Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Scanner Tools


Why would I choose the Innova Obd2 Scanner while there is a range of similar scan tools available? Functions exhibited by this obd2 scanner makes it unique from other scan tools and it performs like pro maintenance that other Diy scan tools cannot exhibit.

You are given the data about the functionality of your vehicle.  Innova Obd2 scanner covers all vehicle upkeep which makes you informed about the state of your engine. 

All Round Functionality

Innova obd2 scanner covers a range of functionality other than scanning check engine. This scan tool diagnose tire pressure, oil temperature, battery, and a lot more.

It makes you know about your vehicle crucial information in real-time. Interestingly, it scans abs and srs modules and it also helps to maintain your vehicle’s oil level and reset the oil level light.

You can also diagnose your vehicle transmission fluid temperature and its functions are so broad leaving you with the best service.

Special Abilities

Every vehicle owner delights to discover mechanical issues before it becomes a bigger problem. Isn’t it? With the aid of a solution app, you can get verified about parts that needs repair.

Innova obd2 scanner is also Bluetooth and wifi enabled. It comes with no charging cable, therefore, you don’t need to charge it.


  • Comprehensive scan
  • Sensor data diagnosis
  • Verified solution app
  • Immediate fix indicator


  • No free tool live updates

This scan tool comes with excellent features that can keep your vehicle in an excellent state. You might still want to check through other scan tools. It’s your choice; you can keep on reading! We will not relent until you are satisfied!

03. Autel Autolink AL619 Best Obd2 Scanner for Mercedes

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Scanner Metter


ABS/SRS diagnosis, live data, OBD2 diagnosis, and print function obd2 scanner (compatible with a wide range of vehicles) As a matter of fact, it will be nice for you to check through this obd2 scanner. Its quick test feature distinguishes it from all other scan tools.

This scan tool can function well for every car owner or technician. Firstly, and most significantly, it covers a range of obd2 diagnostic functions. Quick Test obd2 scanner reads and removes engine codes, checks 02 data, and a lot more.

Not to mention, it also helps to diagnose ABS/SRS functions. With this scan tool, users can check the vehicle live data. Interesting to note, it also features a multilingual menu that spreads through different languages. 

Also, we can’t forget, Quick Test obd2 scanner turns off warning lights. It also turns off the Malfunction Indicator Light of vehicles. With this tool, you can turn off all warning lights after vehicle repair.

 Among other things, with this Quick Test obd2 scanner, you can perform your vehicle’s EVAP system. Also, this obd2 scanner comes along with a function to print-out diagnostic data. 

It will interest you to know that this scan tool comes with a memory card for data backup. To conclude, this scan tool comes with extensive features you can ever imagine.

Its versatility in function makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicle models. Therefore, it is one of the best you can go for.


  • Broad vehicle coverage
  • Memory card available
  • Performs ABS/SRS diagnosis
  • Free software update 


  • Not foldable

04. Innova 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed with Live Data


Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Electric Obd2 Scanner


 Another scan tool we will be looking at is the Innova3160 obd2 scanner and its specialty is in its ability to detect light warnings from the check engine. Innova3160 obd2 scanner comes with a onscreen LED display.

This means you can quickly check your vehicle’s emission readiness at any time. Access to solution repair from canOBD2. com gives the meaning to trouble codes and with this, you can check the probable cause of any problem and the most likely way to fix it.

And of course, this obd2 scan tool provides live data of your vehicle on the screen.


Not to mention, the innova3160 scan tool works with all newer cars from 1996. Be it Toyota, Ford, SUV, Chrysler, or Honda and Also, the scan tool is suitable for light trucks and minivans.

Battery And Memory Backup

Innova3160 obd2 scanner comes with a unique memory card for data backup. It also has a strong battery that ensures off-car analysis.


  • LED screen display available
  • Displays freeze-frame data
  • Strong battery backup
  • Multilingual menu


  • Compatible with obd2 system cars only

Have you seen your choice? Or do you want to check through some more? We are not tired of giving you the best until you are satisfied. We’ve got some more for you! Keep reading!

05. ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner Tool

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Scanner for Car


And here it comes, the must-have obd2 scanner! Aside from OBD II diagnosis, this scan tool covers a vast range of functions. We can’t wait to give you the special features that come with this obd2 scanner. 

Broad Service Range

Ancel car Code reader supports ABS, SRS, and transmission system diagnosis. Also, it allows the user to add four parameters to display the live data intuitively on a graph.

What will this do? You will easily detect the potential problems of your vehicle. Ancel car code reader helps to discover vehicle potential faults. The obd2 scanner reads and clears engine codes.

The scan tool also turns off the warning light. What else do you want to know? This scan tool also reads fuel and emission data, fluid transmission temperature, and a lot more. It is highly loaded!

Airbag Diagnosis

Ancel car code reader also reads and clears faults in the airbag. It also turns off the warning light to ensure it is performing perfectly. Also, it displays a live data stream of the airbag; this will help you know its functionality.


  • Performs an EVAP system test
  • Performs an on-board monitoring test
  • Prints data diagnosis
  • OBD II compatible


  • No ABS module bleeding

06. Launch Creader VII+ Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Portable Scanner


Creader Obd2 scanner is majorly an ABS/SRS scanner. Interestingly, it also reads and eliminate trouble codes for vehicles. Creader obd2 scanner should give you a problem-free experience.

Creader obd2 scanner is a code reader you can go for any day, anytime. Additionally, it covers a wide range of OBD II diagnosis. Right from performing your vehicle’s sensor test to graphic live data reading.

Ideally, this obd2 scanner helps to turn off warning lights. Also, it is suitable for a large range of vehicles.

Multilingual Menu

Creader obd2 scanner comes with a multilingual function that covers a wide range of general languages. You may not need a translator to operate this scan tool.

I know it can be so frustrating. Therefore, if you speak English, Portuguese, French, German, and a lot more, you can easily operate this tool. What more makes this obd2 scanner special?

Abs Checkup

You can know the condition of your vehicle ABS. The Creader obd2 scanner will help you fix that out and also, it helps to switch off the warning light.

Airbag Checkup

With this obd2 scanner, you can read and erase airbag fault codes. Ideally, the scan tool turns off the warning light to ensure the perfection of your engine.


  • Fast and automatic operation
  • Performs the EVAP test
  • Lifetime free software update


  • Cannot diagnose transmission fluid

We are not tired of ensuring you are satisfied to the brim. Do you still want to go through more obd2 scanner? We are here for you! Down there, we’ve got for you a lot more superb obd2 scanner you can ever imagine. Keep exploring!

07. FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner Tool

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Tools


We have come to one of the best obd2 scanners you can ever dream of. You are trying to think of what’s special about the obd2 scanner. Okay, let’s break this obd2 scanner features down. 

Apart other obd2 scanners, this scan tool has a unique sensor for steering wheel angleWhat other things? It performs all OBD II diagnoses you can ever think of.

Do you want to monitor your vehicle’s O2 level or clear and erase codes? Foxwell plus obd2 scanner will help you out with it. And of course, it is adaptable with a wide range of vehicle.

Even up to 2019 cars, minivans, and truck models, this obd2 scanner will function well. You can trust it!

Sas Reset

On the topic of Steering Wheel Angle Sensor reset, you cannot but try this scan tool. It perfectly reads codes from the steering.

ABS/SRS Diagnosis

With this obd2 scanner, you can read and erase all engine codes. If you’d like to know, air from the internal brake fluid chamber can also be removed with this scan tool. 

Print Diagnostic Result

Many users would like to have a hand copy of their vehicle’s diagnosis. This might be for future purposes or their technician. Foxwell Plus obd2 scanner prints diagnosis data either through pc or Bluetooth printer.


  • Detects SAS calibrations
  • Performs OBD II diagnosis
  • Reads ABS codes
  • Controls airbag


  • Cannot diagnose transmission fluid

08. Autel Scanner Maxilink ML619 Engine Code Reader

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Bluetooth Scanner


You can’t imagine your experience with this portable obd2 scanner. Come to think of it, the feeling you have when you handle a device just as handling your handset. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, to note, this is a high-quality obd2 scanner that helps with all ABS/SRS diagnosis. With this scan toolyou can check all switches and sensors. A Portable obd2 scanner also switches off all warning lights after vehicle repair.

Interestingly to note, this obd2 scanner is adaptable with a large range of vehicles. Its customer support service will help you check through if it’s suitable for your vehicle.

Protective Case

 A Portable obd2 scanner has a strong nylon case that prevents the obd2 scanner from untimely damage. It also comes along with an interior elastic strap and other compartments that hold the scanner.

Reads Car Codes

At any time, with this scan tool, you can read and erase all vehicle codes. With this, you can be sure of all that is going on behind your vehicle’s engine. Ideally, this will help you analyze and maintain your vehicle properly.


  • Displays live data graphically
  • Strong compatible casing
  • Portable to handle


  • Abs bleed unsupportive

Just as you know, no man wins a race until he gets to the finish line. You shouldn’t go back until you are satisfied. If you would like to know more, we have for you other excellent scan tools to examine.

Interestingly, the next is a multi versatile obd2 scanner with vast functions you can ever imagine.

09. LAUNCH Scan Tool CRP129X Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Obd2 Scanner Auto Bleed


Now, this obd2 scanner is engineered with wide range of features. Believe me; the scan tool is loaded! Firstly, it comes along with a wide touchscreen that aids convenience during usage.

Going through the data displayed on the screen is so easy. Also, it’s good for you to know that it helps to reset the oil level. Besides, it also performs all OBD II diagnostic functions.

Right from detecting airbag faults to streaming live data and a lot more. With this scan tool, you can easily read and eliminate trouble codes.

Solid Memory/Battery Capacity

Seeing that notification no space whenever you want to store data can be so annoying. An obd2 scanner with solid memory storage is the only solution to this problem. 

With this tool, you’ve access to 16GB of internal storage. It’s amazing! Also, it has a strong 6400mah battery capacity that helps for off-car analysis.


  • Wide range vehicle model compatibility
  • Detects tire sensors
  • Regulates throttle operations
  • Arguably, this scan tool functions uniquely

10. INNOVA 6100P OBD2 scanner with Tool

Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed
Scanner tools


Just as one of the best obd2 scanners, it comes with functions suitable for all vehicle owners and technicians Let’s break down the features just as we’ve been right from time.

Right from performing all OBD II diagnosis, you can ever imagine to ABS/SRS diagnosis and innova6100p scan tool reads and removes vehicles’ malfunctioning. Not to mention, it switches off warning lights after vehicle maintenance. 

You would like to know that this scan tool uniquely runs battery and alternator test. Tests carried out by this scan tool ensures a very charging system is functioning perfectly.

One-Press Key

One of the interesting features of this scan tool is the one-press key that erases all codes detected. With this feature, users can easily turn off all warning lights at once.

LED Indicators

With different colors indicating different operations. Whenever the green light shows, it means all systems are functioning perfectly and ayellow light indicates a pending problem somewhere.

Whenever the red light signals, it means there’s a problem in the engine system and you know now that this is an easy-to-use scan tool.

Double Power Source

You will be interested in this! We can’t but mention this feature. Innova 6100p OBD II diagnostic scanner comes with a two power source feature. You either power it by connecting it to your car or the in-built battery. 


  • Protective pouch available
  • Resets oil level
  • Performs engine system test


  • Doesn’t stream live data

Now, you have with you a list of the best obd2 scanners you can ever imagine. But yet, we can’t leave you only with this information alone. Ideally, there are features you should look out for in every obd2 scanner before purchase. 

Of a truth, there were functionalities you looked out for before the purchase of your vehicle. Isn’t it? Obviously, it is.  Also, we have for you a detailed explanation of features to check before any obd2 scanner purchase.

Buying Consideration of Best Obd2 Scanner for Mercedes

When looking for the Best Obd2 Scanner with Abs and Srs, these are the things to look for.

Updates to Software

Software upgrades enable the scan tool to stay up to date on new problem codes and perform the manufacturer supported additional module tests.

Updated codes can apply to both generic ABS/SRS and manufacturer-specific codes. Scanners with mobile applications typically acquire upgrades as a result of having more extensive but dependable services over time.

Speed of Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed

ABS/SRS scan instruments on the market operate at varying rates while scanning, clearing, testing, or reporting. High-performance scan technologies can provide codes in seconds or minutes, whilst others may take longer.

Consider how long it takes the scan tool to complete each operation.

Customer Service

OBD2 scanners with ABS and SRS functions are popular among DIYers, although there are certain drawbacks or challenges with utilizing the scan tools.

At this stage, you should choose an OBD2 scanner that has responsive and professional customer care that can assist you with your concerns and queries.

Price of Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed

OBD2 Scanner Tools are now available at reasonable costs. On the other hand, the costs would generally be associated with the services, features, durability, and other factors.

Cheaper ABS and SRS scan instruments, for example, may be able to read and clear code, whilst more expensive ones may be capable of bi-directional communication.

It’s not about finding the cheapest items, but about ABS & SRS scan tools that give you the most bang for your buck.


Most OBD2 Scanner Tools are suitable with automobiles manufactured in the United States, Europe, and Asia in 1996 or after.

However, certain scanning instruments may not be compatible with specific car types, preventing you from reading and clearing ABS/SRS codes.

Check the product description or contact the manufacturer to ensure that the ABS/SRS code scanner is compatible with your car.

Advanced Functions

While most OBD2 scanner equipment can read and remove error codes, more complex capabilities may be required for further functionality.

Those with bi-directional connectivity, for example, let you do ABS bleeding or SRS system tests.


You should acquire OBD2 Scanner equipment that comes with a warranty of money refunds or replacement for non-working items, just as you would with any other electronic product.


Think about if the OBD2 scanner can interact with your desktop computer and mobile devices. It provides you with more control over the performance and allows you to see ABS/SRS data from the scanning tools.

The ability to analyze live data is an important feature to seek in any obd2 scanner. Engine codes are read and examined before being shown on the screen.

Therefore, scan tools are used to get information about what is going on beneath the engine. Extremely important The scan tool’s data is shown to the user in order to provide information about the vehicle’s condition.

This will automatically trigger related steps against undesired problems.

Compatibility Factor of Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed

Before you purchase any scan tool, you must ensure it’s suitable for your vehicle. Firstly, the obd2 scanner must be compatible with your car models. To avoid any form of frustration after purchase, verify this perfectly.

Many scan tools’ customer support service ensures this for their clients. You ensure it is the perfect kind of software suitable. Buying a product that isn’t compatible with one’s needs can be so annoying. Therefore, check and confirm well.

Airbag And Abs Control Feature

Obds2 scanners have the ability to detect abs and airbag faults and you, therefore, can analyze these codes and fix up the necessary.

Visual Display

Results collated by the obd2 scanner are displayed on the screen of the scan tool. Many scan tools feature a widescreen for ease in detecting codes displayed.

Memory/Battery Capacity

Try to think of it, you being on the highway driving, and your scan tool detects a problem. While trying to go through the data, it goes off. Ideally, it can be so annoying.

Most time, you might also need to show your technician the codes displayed by the obd2 scanner. You, therefore, need a scan tool with a solid battery capacity and large internal storage.

Important to note also is the fact that the scan tool must have a large memory backup. Ultimately, it will reduce the cost of getting new ones oftentimes.  

Print Out Function

Diagnostic data can be required for future purposes. It must therefore be on paper. Your technician might also need those data for adequate mechanical analysis.

An obd2 scanner with a suitable print out feature is, therefore, necessary for this function. You must also checkout for print Out compatibility.

Many scan tools can directly be connected to a printer. Some require Bluetooth enablement for connection. 

 Available Updating Potential

Every software operating equipment works with an operating system. With this, they can be updated from time to time.

Software’s are updated from time to time based on new threats eluding day by day. Just as every system software, obd2 scanners also need to be updated time from time to time.

With this in place, they will have the capability to deal with new threats that your vehicle might face later on. Therefore, you must look out for scan tools models that still release updates.

Key Features of ABS and SRS

Basic Key Characteristics

  1. Onboard Detection: The scan tool must support an onboard diagnostic system that examines the engine, mechanical parts, and vehicle approach. If your car is 1996 or newer, OBDII scan tools are highly recommended.
  2. ABS/SRS Read and Clear: It’s important to know that not all OBDII scan products support ABS and SRS. ABS and SRS codes must be able to be read and cleared by the scan tool. Correct repairs, troubleshooting, and replacements are possible with knowledgeable fault codes, while the cleaning option allows you to reset the ABS/SRS light.
  3. Live Data Stream: You may inspect ABS/SRS modules and components in real-time by transmitting live data. Live data may be shown in the form of graphs, charts, and extensive problem explanations (Code definitions).
  4. Compatibility: It must be compatible with your vehicle’s ABS/SRS scan tool (American, Asian, European). Manufacturers normally state upfront whether or not a product is compatible with certain vehicle models and years. Vehicles having OBD2 ports are usually compatible with OBD2 scan tools.
  5. Easy to Use: ABS/SRS scan equipment should be simple enough for DIYers to utilize in their garage. The user interface should be straightforward, and you should be able to begin scanning or cleaning right away.
  6. Freeze Frame Data: ABS/SRS scan tools with free frame data can tell you when the brake or airbag reset tool starts to have issues depending on the data collected during the scan.

Key Features in Advance

  1. Bluetooth Pairing Connectivity: With this capability, you may associate the scan tool with peripheral devices, such as a desktop computer or a wireless mobile device. You may be able to extend your way through scanning and active testing with a better display and interface in this manner.
  2. Connectivity of Mobile Apps: Mobile device connection is supported by several scan tools, including Android and iOS devices.
  3. Despite providing broad management, it makes it easier for owners to receive software upgrades for their scan machines.
  4. Repair Suggestions: It would be excellent if your scan tool could read and correct ABS/SRS problem codes. Some scan products include built-in repair suggestions for do-it-yourselfers.
  5. Built-in Parts Direct Order: Despite advocating DIY solutions, some scan programs allow you to directly purchase parts that need replacing. These scan tools are often designed and validated by skilled technicians, ensuring that you receive accurate results.
  6. Software Updates: Scan solutions that include software upgrades keep you up to date on new generic or manufacturer-specific engine trouble codes. Furthermore, it is critical to keep the scan tool operational during modifications and advances.
  7. ABS/SRS Control: While the majority of scan tools can just read and clear codes, more advanced ones may also handle the ABS and SRS systems through a linked or connected device.
  8. Abnormal Bleeding Test (ABS): ABS bleeding may be done with scan tools with bidirectional communication, which allows you to push air out of your ABS, resulting in a mushy braking pedal.
  9. Portability: ABS/SRS scan instruments should be lightweight and portable enough to be used by amateurs anywhere and at any time. Some scan tools are also battery-powered, allowing them to be utilized in a variety of vehicles.

SRS Scan Tools’ Advanced Key Features

  1. Bi-Directional System Test: If you can verify whether your airbag or SRS system is completely functional, it’s a life-saving feature. Such testing can be carried out using bi-directional system tests.
  2. Solution Library App: DIYers might benefit from a library of solutions accessible via the scan tool.
  3. SRS Reports: When accessible, the SRS reports usually include the actual SRS code as well as repair information, such as components needed, cost calculation, and other considerations.
  4. Solution Recommendation: Certain scan tools may suggest SRS code solutions instead of giving a library.
  5. Needs Attention: A more in-depth informative function that requires You can verify connected sections on the SRS module with possible or impending faults by paying attention to them.
  6. Special Reset Functions: When the generic reset fails to cure your difficulties, you can use special reset functions to reset your airbag system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Best obd2 Scanner for Honda

Q. How do I get my Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic Connector?

On-board Diagnostic vehicles have a connector with a 16-digits pin. You can check the pin under the dashboard close to the driver’s seat. Oftentimes, it might be behind ashtrays or imprinted OBD on the outside.

Q. Can I know the meaning of MIL?

MIL stands for Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Many call it the check engine light. Whenever the OBD system detects any fault, this light shows.

Q. What if the MIL light comes on while driving; what should I do?

First and foremost, you need not to panic. A fault detected is the reason behind the light showoff.  Ensure you check accurately your obd2 scanner readings. 

For any reason, any fault was detected, try to fix it if possible. Be it the oil pressure, water temperature, or anything. You should stop at a point to check. With this, you can save yourself from serious spending.

Q. Can all OBD II scanners work with all cars?

Obd2 scanners are suitable for all OBD II Complaint Cars. Most of the new cars from 1996 are OBD II supported. Moreover, there are some not supported OBD II Complaint Cars that works with Obd2 scanners. A crucial example is Nissan vehicles.

Q.  I can’t connect my iPad with my obd2 scanner. Why?

Some scan tools are only android and windows based. You might be using an obd2 scanner that is only android Compatible. Try to go through the user guide to get more information about the Compatibility factor.

Q. How do I know my device is WiFi-enabled ?

Any obd2 scanner that is not Wi-Fi-enanled cannot make use of a WiFi-enabled connection. Try to read through the scan tool user guide to check if the scan tool is WiFi-enabled.

Q. Why does my scan tool fail to provide some kind of data?

Supported sensors of vehicles differ from one another based on the vehicle’s ECU. You don’t see some data because your vehicle doesn’t provide that data.

Q. Can I have access to software updates at all times?

Based on the model of the obd2 scanner you are using, software updates can be sent continually. Some models send updates for free some require money. In most cases, an obd2 scanner charges based on the version being used.

Q. Can I know the problems Obd2 scanner can detect?

Right from OBD II diagnoses; check engine monitoring, detecting faults in oil level and oil life, diagnosing check engine, and a lot more. ABS/SRS diagnoses are also covered. Faults from the airbag can be detected and corrected using an obd2 scan tool.

Also, to note, the obd2 scanner detects changes in oil pressure and water temperature. Some obd2 scanner carries out Steering Wheel Angle Sensor to read and erase faults in vehicle’s wheel.

Obd2 scanners also diagnose and erase trouble codes from the vehicle’s engine. Obd2 scanners analyse any problem in your vehicle as far as it is part of its functions.

Q. What are the evidences that proofs that the Obd2 scanner is working perfectly?

Before you can understand this, you must have knowledge of the scan tool functions. You can go through the user guide to understand its functions. You would like to know that once the obd2 scanner is delivering all its functions, it is working perfectly.

What Exactly is Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed Stand for?

OBD stands for On-Board-Diagnosis, a self-contained system that monitors vehicle running characteristics using a number of sensors. If any of these readings deviates from a predefined range, the system will notify the driver.

Initially, the monitoring technique was limited to engine-related components such as fuel injection and emission-control systems.

The check engine light would illuminate if there were any issues here. The current OBD2 version, on the other hand, has a far broader scope.

It does, in fact, encompass all non-powertrain-related drivetrain systems and components, such as ABS and airbags. This technology has been used in almost all automobiles produced since the mid-1990s.

What Role Does the OBD2 Scanner Play in Automobile Troubleshooting?

When the OBD2 system identifies a possible powertrain problem, it does more than merely turn on the relevant dashboard warning light.

It will keep an error code and information about matching running circumstances in its memory to simplify troubleshooting.

The data will be invaluable when it comes to tracking down the problem and attempting to fix it. However, accessing these codes and extra information on most automobiles necessitates the use of specialized equipment.

Dealers employ specialized diagnostic instruments for this purpose, but their cost and complexity make them unsuitable for do-it-yourselfers.

As a result, car enthusiasts, like many professional mechanics, may discover that a multifunctional OBD2 scanner is an ideal solution.

What is the Distinction Between Obd2 Scanner with Abs Auto Bleed and Diagnostic Tools?

There are several gadgets available that can connect to various automotive systems and scan fault codes. However, they are distinguished by a number of significant variations, the most prominent of which are features and pricing.

All of these gadgets, however, fall into one of two groups. Scanners, for example, are less complicated and can only scan codes and other stored data.

As a result, they are better suited to novice and DIY users. On the other hand, diagnostic tools are more competent and adaptable gadgets aimed at professional mechanics.

They allow users to execute different active tests and alter operating settings in addition to providing basic insight into vehicle systems.


With a single scan tool, you can get off any form of accident or unnecessary spending. Obd2 scanners keep you updated per time about the state of your vehicle engine.

Perhaps you are a vehicle owner or new obd2 scanner user; we want to believe this article was helpful. Now you know the attributes to take note of before purchasing any obd2 scanner.

We are also hopeful you will not go in for those less than par scan in tools out there Also, the buying considerations and the frequently asked questions will be of great use in choosing the best obd2 scanner with abs auto bleed.

For emphasis sake, ensure you go through the obd2 scanner details well before making a purchase. Also, ensure it’s the most compatible scan tool for your vehicle. With this in place, you can go in for your taste. 

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